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Who Are You?

Resolve Networks sees our audience as those who are increasingly concerned about the time they spend on social apps and other meaningless rabbit holes that smart phones have opened up. As the wildly popular Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma points out, people are spending upwards of 2,000 hours a year on their phones generating data for marketers and tech giants. Games on the Resolve Networks platform will give people the choice to do something productive on their devices with some of this time. It won’t bring about the instant gratification that can come with a scroll through your Facebook, Instagram or TikTok feed. Instead, longer-lasting, delayed gratification is the result of playing our game titles. 

Why Trash? What is the Motivation? 

It’s cool to be environmentally aware and do your part, and there is no shortage of trash in our communities. The icing on the cake is helping nonprofits sustain their good works with your earned-by-play financial contribution. Players will be able to socially promote their accomplishments captured in leaderboards. Like corporations count their giving in annual corporate social responsibility reports, coins will create an electronic history of players’ personal social impact.

While this may seem altruistic on the surface, Resolve Networks is counting on some brain chemistry to drive gaming-for-good success. Doing good deeds releases hormones that contribute to elevated mood and overall well being. Studies have linked purposeful acts of kindness and service to the release of happy chemicals, credited with causing what’s known as a “helpers high.”

Choosing Good

Together we will prove that anyone who supports the environment and/or veterans can functionally make a difference and donate. It starts with choosing to spend less fruitless time on your phone and instead play a game to do good AND raise $ for charity. Have you chosen to make a social impact today? 

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