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Resolve Networks was founded by a Marine Corps Veteran and long-time Silicon Valley techie and executive. While volunteering for leadership roles in veteran organizations, including the American Legion and Marine Corps League, he saw an opportunity to help any nonprofit (not just 22Kill & use the same modern tools used in for-profit business to overcome two universal challenges: engaging volunteers and increasing donations.

Turning the instructions for volunteering into a mobile game, nonprofits attract volunteers of all ages for free and from far-reaching places, and can maintain engagement momentum with volunteers over time. What’s more, donations made possible by Resolve Networks are funded by marketing budgets. This new and separate source of funding is many times larger than grants and philanthropy budgets. These funds, however, come with an expectation that social impact outcomes are precisely measured and reported.

First Trash, then any Volunteer Engagement

Both concept games in App stores today focus on a single mission type: community cleanup. In addition to environmental missions, these and future-state game titles will include activities supporting wellbeing and opportunity, along with game leaderboards and contests. Tremendous opportunity exists to expand games and build new ones on the platform that capture the outcomes created from funds and volunteer efforts.

We are looking to collaborate with Nonprofits who see the value of IRL (in real life) audience engagement to jointly define in-game missions that produce measurable social outcomes connected to their causes. Our hope is to enable multiple organizations with the same purpose to join forces in the spirit of “Stronger Together”,  driving real progress toward solutions to reach more people and places in need. Imagine if these organizations could all take credit for the impact and progress toward solutions backed by data. A win-win.

Every person who ventures outside can protect and enjoy our world responsibly and contribute to restoring natural areas. By encouraging people to get outside and do their part by picking up trash, the 0Trace game by Resolve Networks amplifies the Leave No Trace mission to empower people to take care of our beloved outdoor spaces.” – Dana Watts, Executive Director of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

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