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Stronger Together  

com·mu·ni·ty – a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

More than the sum of its parts, the development community we aim to build is also a feeling, driven by doing good. We aim in our development not only to expand and maintain the game platform and a reference architecture game, but also deliver solutions that enable any nonprofit to operate with 21st century data and efficiency.

We don’t want to charge those charities, and will not have to if together we prove this community will work. We may not pay in $ for every contribution, but we can always pay in coins sponsored by brands, and your volunteer efforts will pay you in positive feelings. Development community strategies like this work. Why? All humans thrive when given freedom to be self-directed, opportunity to learn and grow, and visibility into the impact they create. Check out this video for more color commentary.

Our Vision for our Developer Community

Under the mantra “Stronger Together”, we aim to bring volunteers, part-time “reservists” (equal to two days per month + 2 weeks per year), and full-time staff to this community effort for good. We envision our staffing strategy in development will be based on promoting motivated & interested volunteers to part time, and advancing motivated “reservists” to full time roles. 

We are also excited about the opportunity to help all volunteers reach their highest potential. Employers demand experience, and not every student or graduate of software development programs / bootcamps has it. What better way to show value to an employer than credits to work product on a volunteer project for good. And what more satisfying effort for experienced developers than to collaborate and help those who come after us succeed in their volunteer coding for good!

Join the Interest List!

Parallel with our efforts to bring a head of development and architecture to the company, we are building an interest list for this project for purpose. Provide your e-mail, and you’ll be included on updates and newsletters tailored for the developer community we are building! 

Developer Interest List