Purpose over Profit

Resolve Networks was founded by a U.S. Marine Corps and Silicon Valley veteran in February 2018 on the belief that people, intrinsically, desire to do good and make a difference in the world. The company tested this idea on paper before bootstrapping the create of a gaming platform that makes it possible for players to do good and earn money for causes they care about. Moreover, the platform will help nonprofits overcome two universal challenges: engaging volunteers and increasing donations.

As people spend more and more time on their smartphones, game titles on the Resolve Networks platform offer the choice of doing good with that time while also having fun and making a social impact. Doing good deeds releases hormones that contribute to elevated mood and overall well being. The company is raising money in order to bring volunteers, part-time “reservists” (equal to two days per month + 2 weeks per year), and full-time staff together to make this idea a reality.

“I am thankful for the goodness within all of the people who have helped prove on paper to date what we aim to prove in this campaign on a larger scale with these Apps. I believe that purpose can outrank profit as a motive in both business and our lives. Rather than following an orthodox path to using accredited investors and building full game titles to bring this idea to life, Resolve Networks believes that everyday people who value purpose represent the only fitting path to develop this beautiful idea.” – Mario Blandini, Founder & CEO, Resolve Networks Inc. 


Mario Blandini, Founder & CEO

A Marine Corps veteran 1990-1996, Mario relocated from Silicon Valley to DFW in 2019 to build the company he first imagined in late 2017. Formative years working hands-on with technology anchor his expertise, which has grown with the pace of innovation spanning the information age from mainframes to cloud. This foundation has been material to his success in Silicon Valley Marketing, as automation, SaaS tools, and data science have made the Marketing craft more an IT discipline than a creative art. More information on LinkedIn.

Ted Darr, Head of Data

A Marine Corps veteran 1990-1995 and Eagle Scout, Ted spent the first half of his civilian career working on aircraft for American Airlines before moving into software development. His next chapter focused on design and coding in the energy, banking, aviation, and mass media industries. His data science company served political candidates in dozens of successful election campaigns over 11 years in Oklahoma. Hailing from Arkansas, he lives in northern Idaho today. More information on LinkedIn.