Published December 7, 2020 in the Dallas Innovates

The local technology and marketing guru behind Frisco-based Resolve Networks has launched a new prototype gaming platform built with two games available on iOS and Android. But, there’s more to a download than just fun: When playing Comeback League and 0Trace, players can do good deeds and raise money for charity. 

As part of its Operation Comeback campaign, which invites players, crowdfund investors, and developers to provide support for “gamifying good,” Resolve Networks recently released the platform for download. The hope is that players will put more time into improving their communities, money for shares will be invested, and more expertise will be contributed to the platform and its games.

Two charities are part of the initial proof of concept, one that combats veteran suicide and the other dedicated to improving the environment.

Resolve Networks Founder and CEO Mario Blandini started the operation to prove that a diverse group Americans can come together to create real-world social impact for “brothers in arms” or the communities they live in. The idea is that when united by purpose, affinity groups can drive significant progress in resolving challenges related to important causes. 

During Operation Comeback, every time a mission or activity reaches 50,000 coins, it converts to $5,000 in the name of a sponsor to charity.

“I believe that purpose can outrank profit as a motive in both business and our lives,” Blandini said in a statement. “Rather than following an orthodox path to using accredited investors and building full game titles to bring this idea to life, Resolve Networks believes that everyday people who value purpose represent the only fitting path to develop this beautiful idea.” 

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