Our games are simple, but the business behind the Comeback League and 0Trace Apps is a bit more complicated. Learn more @ http://resolvenetworks.com.

Have you seen the wildly popular Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma? It points out that people are spending upwards of 2,000 hours a year on their phones generating data for marketers and tech giants. The worst part, they do not feel better as a result. We are counting on some brain chemistry to drive gaming-for-good success. Doing good deeds releases hormones that contribute to elevated mood and overall well being. Studies have linked purposeful acts of kindness and service to the release of happy chemicals, credited with causing what’s known as a “helpers high.”

So our games function to make it easier to achieve the good feeling of doing good. They also function to keep score, and most anyone can play a mobile game. One of my favorite military expressions is “Kick Ass and Take Names!” I have found humans love the first part doing good, we just suck at keeping score. The concept games keep score, but many may observe them to be too simple to start. Please don’t draw final conclusions, and check out the bottom of the homepage for more information on what’s next.

Not everyone can write a big check to a charity in support of a cause they care about. As the founder of this Function, I am blessed with the ability to donate time and $. Frustrated that progress toward solving problems was not as fast as it could be in my own charitable efforts, I chose to invest in this idea. A platform for affinity groups driven by the mantra “Stronger Together”. 

Together we will prove that anyone who supports the environment and/or veterans can functionally make a difference and donate. It starts with choosing to spend less fruitless time on your phone and instead play a game to do good AND raise $ for charity. Have you made your social impact today?