Published November 14, 2020 in the Dallas Business Journal

A Frisco company is looking to do good through gaming, and is looking to help the environment and veterans along the way.

Mobile gaming platform Resolve Networks has launched Operation Comeback, an initiative that gamifies community environmental cleanup efforts, offering reward tokens that can be converted to cash donations to nonprofits.

“I believe that purpose can outrank profit as a motive in both business and our lives,” said Resolve Networks CEO and Founder Mario Blandini in a statement. “Rather than following an orthodox path to using accredited investors and building full game titles to bring this idea to life, Resolve Networks believes that everyday people who value purpose represent the only fitting path to develop this beautiful idea.”

For the launch of the initiative, Resolve has created two apps – Comeback League and 0Trace – that can be downloaded through the Google and Apple stores. For both, the concept it simple: Download the app, find areas in the community that could use some cleaning or trash pickup; earn coins.

After earning enough coins, the digital currency will be converted into real-world charity donations. While both apps focus on similar concepts, coins from Comeback League will go to support 22Kill, a nonprofit aimed at preventing suicides in the veteran and first responder community. Coins from 0Trace will go to the nonprofit Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, which focuses on teaching environmental sustainability.

“By encouraging people to get outside and do their part by picking up trash, the 0Trace game by Resolve Networks amplifies the… mission to empower people to take care of our beloved outdoor spaces,” said Dana Watts, executive director of Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, in a statement.

Resolve was founded in 2018 by Blandini, who is a veteran himself.

So far, the company has been bootstrapped. Like with its apps, as it looks to grow the Operation Comeback initiative it is looking for collaboration from the community. The company said that in addition to new users, it is also looking for investments to build out the platform, as well as development expertise to add more game titles.

“I am thankful for the goodness within all of the people who have helped prove on paper to date what we aim to prove in this campaign on a larger scale with these apps,” Blandini said.