Operation Comeback

The Operation Comeback campaign invites players, crowdfund investors, and developers to collaborate as part of a community effort to prove support for “gamifying good” by investing their:

When united by purpose, the impact of affinity groups (people united by a shared interest or purpose) can drive significant progress in resolving the toughest challenges for important causes. op·​er·​a·​tion = performance of something involving the practical application of principles.

Games and our Goal

The goal of the operation is to prove that a diverse group Americans that support veterans + first responders and/or environmental causes will take action with good deeds to create real-world social impact for their “brothers in arms” and/or the communities in which they live. The company currently has two proof of concept games for Android and iOS, each with its own initial beneficiary: 

For veterans, what better way to make a social impact than with a good old fashioned “Police Call”, which players of the 0Trace app would call a trash pickup, something most anyone can do. 

How can I make a Difference Today?

If you have not done so already, download the Comeback League and/or 0Trace games on your mobile device, or Text “Comeback”  or “0Trace” to 56525 to receive the link to your App store. Then login, read the about page, and choose from the available missions / activities. The four available have the same format of trash pickup, and differ only by the location specified in the mission name. Specifically, locations to start are the environs of retail buildings @ Home Depot, Lowes, 7-Eleven, & QuikTrip (QT), with others coming soon.

This Does Not Make Sense!

We get it, there is no such thing as free money. By picking up trash as a good deed and creating real-world social impact that is recorded in the App, players create genuine value for their community and the environment. Others may think players are acting funny picking up trash, but coins earned in the game become real cash for nonprofits. See the For Brand Sponsors page for more info on how it works.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you are nearby or headed to a Home Depot, Lowes, 7Eleven, or QT, consider taking ~5min to earn money for veteran suicide or our environment. It genuinely is as simple as that. Most people are unable to write checks for charity, but most anyone can choose do something positive for their environment AND earn money for a cause they care about.

 What’s Next?

This is just the first mission in the first mission category of Environment. Expect to see the addition of missions to this category, as well as the addition of further categories: Wellbeing, Opportunity, and more. Beyond individual missions, expect to see group missions in size from fire teams to platoons and even battalions (a handful, dozens, hundreds). Imagine the social impact that we can achieve together.

While basic in function, the Apps are just enough to prove our virtuous circle. These apps will soon be extended to include user profiles, feeds, messaging, decorations, leaderboards, and much more with the support of the community. For a small view of some of the additional functionality to expect in the apps, check out our clickable prototype (best on iOS or browser, less so on Android): https://projects.invisionapp.com/m/share/AGGP8RW5N4Y#/288638316

We need your help

This entire operation is to prove the concept of an idea: good is more than charity. We believe that people, intrinsically, desire to do good and make a difference in the world. Donating to charity is great for those that can, and good deeds that create donations to charity feel even better for those that do good deeds. All it takes is you, and others with affinity, sharing a common purpose to contribute to causes we care about.

Call to Action = Play the game at least once. If you like it, play it again and earn more coins, then consider taking part in our equity crowdfund offering and/or developer community.

If you come to believe in this idea like we do, let others you know who also care about these same causes. We are “Stronger Together”, and united by purpose we will drive significant progress in resolving the toughest challenges for important causes.


Mario Blandini, Marine, active duty 1990-1996 | Founder
Ted Darr, Marine, active duty 1990-1995 | Co-Founder